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Car rental near Tijuana border: the transportation you need
Posted by:acerLogitech, February - 18 - 2019

If you are traveling to Mexico, you are probably searching for a car rental near Tijuana border to ride around the places you would like to visit.

There are many car rental options (whether you look for them in San Diego or Tijuana) and the benefits are many, but, wouldn’t you prefer to rent a car without having to drive it? This is possible with YTS Transport.

YTS Transport provides corporate and private transportation in San Diego and Tijuana; it offers a complete service, and it’s definitely better than renting a car. Let us tell you why.

A rental car demands a driver, and it has to be you or a member of the group with whom you travel. While you do it, you also have to find a route to get to your destiny, and this makes it hard for you to enjoy the ride and the view.

With YTS Transport, you get to enjoy the scenery and the company of the people with whom you travel; there is no stress because of the traffic or because you got lost: somebody else will be driving for you.

Parking is one of the most problematic things when traveling. Since you don’t know the city you won’t know if there’s a safe place to leave the car, and making quick stops can take you longer than you’d like.

With YTS Transport it’s different: if you want to make a stop, the drivers will stop and wait for you, or agree to meet you somewhere near.

Regarding the vehicles, there’s not much difference between a car rental and YTS Transport, since you decide the type of car you want to get. Nevertheless, it’s important to mention that all YTS units are updated, comfortable and clean, and they can adjust to your different needs.

Border crossing
One thing is certain: you cannot cross a rental car from one border to another. At least, not many car rentals allow you to do that. If you want to visit Tijuana, it would be better for you to rent a car in Tijuana.

Fortunately, with YTS Transport, you can be comfortable while our drivers cross the border with you and your family or friends in the car. There is no need to get out and cross by foot, since our vehicles and drivers have the necessary permits to go from San Diego to Tijuana and back.

There are many differences between a car rental and YTS Transport. If the kind of service you want is more oriented to comfort and a nice experience, there is no doubt, you should book a ride with YTS Transport’s private car service.


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