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Contract a private ambulance service in Tijuana-San Diego
Posted by:carlosyts, August - 05 - 2019

Traveling in an ambulance is something nobody wants to experience. Having to do it usually implies there has been a medical emergency, and the normal thing to do would be avoiding the thought of it. But getting to know how a private ambulance service works will help you see things differently. Let us explain why.

Comfortable ride


YTS Transport is a private transportation company dedicated to provide first class services across Baja California and San Diego. You can get anywhere booking a ride, whether you’re going there for business, medical appointments or leisure; they also have units that meet any requirement and can welcome from one person to a whole family and more.

Within the services YTS Transport gives, the private ambulance is a plus. It is not the main service, although it can cover the needs of many people crossing the border between Mexico and the US. Yes, we cross the border with you! Keep reading to know more about this.

Non-emergency transportation

Besides our usual transportation service, the ambulance ride is one of the features that make us stand out. Imagine that you’re in San Diego, and a loved one starts feeling bad or having complications with a medical issue.

If they go to the hospital, wouldn’t it be better for them to be checked by their usual doctor? We can do that; call our ambulance service and we will pick up the patient, cross the border and provide the best assistance just before we get to their clinic.

Calm environment

Our rigorously inspected unit has all the needed requirements for a comfortable ride. Remember that our service is not for emergencies; we recommend it to use it for a condition that requires a regular doctor check up. However, we will definitely provide a calm environment where our patients can feel safe.

When you book an ambulance ride with YTS Transport, we will make sure you or your family get all the benefits it includes, such as:

  • Qualified staff
  • Careful drivers
  • Satellite tracking
  • Basic medical assistance

If you have any doubts of our service or if you’re ready to book a ride, contact us! We are here to assist you and drive you anywhere you need in San Diego and Tijuana.


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