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Do you need a passport to go to Tijuana? Tips for your visit
Posted by:acerLogitech, April - 16 - 2019

Are you visiting Mexico? We recommend you to do your research in advance. Do you need a passport to go to Tijuana? Some kind of permit? Can you exchange currency once you get there?

If you have all the answers to these questions, great. If that’s not the case, we advise you to prepare your trip in order to have everything that is required. Don’t worry, we will answer some of your questions here, so keep reading.

A passport to visit Tijuana
Being familiar with a passport depends on how you have traveled before. To visit another city in your country does not necessarily require a passport because an identification is enough. This changes when you visit another city: since not all countries recognize the IDs from every city or country in the world, they have to be acquainted with a document that certifies its legal value. This is why you need a passport.

It’s the same when you visit Tijuana. If you arrive to the city from the San Ysidro Port of Entry, you will notice there are two lines, one for Mexicans and another one for foreign visitors. You will have to present your documents (your passport, in this case) fill a form and say how many days you’re staying.

Of course, if you arrive by car, you probably won’t need to show your passport, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it with you, just in case an authority asks for it. So yes, you do need a passport to go to Tijuana.

mexican-currency-vs-american-dollarMexican currency
As opposed to other cities in Mexico, Tijuana is one of the few places where most businesses accept American dollars as currency. This means that if you make a stop at a coffee shop, a restaurant or even buy from a street stand, people will make the conversion and take your dollars with no problem.

Despite this, you may need to carry Mexican pesos just in case you find in a situation in which your American dollars are not accepted. We recommend you to withdraw money at the US and have it to avoid the fees from Mexican ATMs, and, in case you need to pay with Mexican pesos, go to a money exchange and solve the problem.

Preparing a trip in advance can help you. If you plan to visit Tijuana, we recommend you to contact the best private car service in the area. YTS Transport can take you from San Diego to Tijuana without getting out of the car to cross the border.


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