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Is Tijuana safe? 5 reasons why you should visit the city
Posted by:acerLogitech, April - 03 - 2019

For many years, Tijuana has been one of the most known cities in the world. The reasons? It’s a border city south of San Diego, famous for its food, lifestyle and beer, but also because people think it’s a dangerous place. Is Tijuana safe? We’ll tell you the answer.

Should I visit Tijuana?
Rumor has it Tijuana is an unsafe place and that foreigners shouldn’t visit it if they want to be safe. They even talk about wars and crime everywhere. For the people living in Tijuana this like an exaggeration, since the real outlook is not like that.

The truth is Tijuana has suffered from high crime rates over the last few years, just like many cities in the country, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be safe anywhere. If you are not involved in drug cartels and know the places where crime rates are lower or none, don’t worry, you’ll be ok.

If you’re not convinced and still hesitate to visit the city, let us give you five reasons why you should do it.

Reasons to visit Tijuana

  • Foodhappy-and-confident-woman-in-tijuana-mexico
    Tijuana’s cuisine is extraordinary. Whether you decide to go to a five-star restaurant, a gastro park or a taco stand, you’ll find the taste of the food is very different from other places, and you’ll love the experience. Also, the Baja Med style will conquer your palate and you will want to come for more.
  • Craft beer
    Over the last years, the craft beer scene in the city has grown big time. Many breweries have opened their tap rooms to quench the thirst of locals and foreigners for Tijuana crafted beers with a worldwide quality and perfect taste.
  • Wine
    Baja California produces approximately 90% of the country’s wine. One of the favorite places for tourists to visit are the wineries in Ensenada, just less than 2 hours aways from Tijuana, because they get to see how the wine is made and taste types of wine that can’t be found on other parts of the world.
  • Art
    The cultural scene in Tijuana is very fruitful. Every week there are art shows and exhibitions from locals and even international artists. The Tijuana Cultural Center is perhaps the most important place for art in the city.
  • Music
    Music is a very important part in Tijuana’s life. You can find at least three shows every week, and the genres vary from jazz, pop, rock to rap, punk and electronic, to mention some. Famous artists and bands have come to the city to sing and present their music to locals and people coming from San Diego and other places.

If you want to stay safe and know where are the best places for tourism or the Tijuana tours from San Diego, contact YTS Transport. They will pick you up, take you to the attractions, restaurants or shows you want to go and make sure you feel comfortable visiting the city.


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