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Long term parking near CBX: lots, rentals & transportation
Posted by:carlosyts, September - 09 - 2019

If you live in San Diego or Tijuana, you may have heard of the Cross Border Xpress. This bridge has been working for 4 years and it’s been very successful because of its efficiency. If you are interested in learning more about it and having an option of long term parking near CBX, let’s talk about it.

CBX: Parking options

long-term-parking-near-cbxThis convenient bridge that connects two nations efficiently is perfect for people that travel. If you come from San Diego and need to cross directly to the Tijuana International Airport, this is a great option; the same if you travel to Tijuana and have a flight from San Diego or Los Angeles.

Nonetheless, parking has always been an issue to discuss when talking about airports. Whether you travel for a few days or several weeks, you require a means of transportations to and from the airport. So, what are the options? Is there a parking near the CBX that is convenient and safe? Let’s talk about it.

Cross Border Xpress parking

In the US side, there’s a specific parking for people that are crossing to Mexico via the bridge. It has an easy access but, like any other parking, there are some rates that you will need to cover depending on the period of time you’ll be staying and the section you choose.

In Mexico, the parking is not specifically for the CBX users, but for anyone that is traveling from Tijuana International Airport.

Rates & info

The CBX parking has regular lots and premium lots. It is important to mention that it’s secured 24 hours a day. These are the rates:

Regular lots (1,2,3)
Premium lot
15 mins-18 hours
2-3 hours
3-4 hours
4-24 hours

Remember that these rates can change at any time, and it doesn’t depend on us. For more information, visit or call the customer service lines: from Mexico dial 01-800-MEX-A-CBX (01 800 6392229); from USA dial 1-888-CBX-INFO (1 888 2294636).

Alternatives for parking

We know that sometimes leaving your car parked is no one’s favorite option, but sometimes it becomes necessary for your commodity and to know it will be safe.

Nevertheless, if you think the parking alternative does not fit your needs, book a ride with YTS Transport. When yo do it, you set the pickup time and place, as well as the destination. Don’t worry, YTS can cross the border with you!


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