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Looking for a safe patient transport service? Book your ride
Posted by:carlosyts, August - 12 - 2019

Going to your doctor’s appointment or to a clinic for treatment, although good because you’re taking care of your health, can wear you out. Driving there, stressing out to be on time, dealing with the traffic or perhaps asking a relative to help you out; these things are a lot to deal with on a regular basis.

Luckily, there’s a solution for people that want comfort and security. If you’re looking for a patient transport service that you can trust and that will solve all these inconveniences, let us say this: YTS Transport provides everything you need.

Attention in TJ or SD

If you live on the border between Mexico and the US, crossing the border may not be that big of a deal. But, as we said before, doing it even once a week for medical assistance is not that comfortable. That’s why YTS Transport is a private company that drives you anywhere in San Diego or Tijuana.

Therefore, if you live in San Diego, perhaps you’ve discovered this: doctors and clinics in Tijuana meet the same standards as in the US and can give you the same results at a lower cost. When you know this, you definitely want to be treated there.


That’s why YTS Transport provides cross border transportation to get you to your appointment clinic or surgery, and they also pick you up to drive you home (or to the hotel you’re staying at, if that’s the case. This way you can rest, you don’t get worried about the traffic or anything; you just focus on yourself and your recovery.

Of course, the same applies if you live in Tijuana and want to get treatment in California. Our units and drivers are allowed to cross the border (northbound or southbound) while you’re in the car. That’s right, you don’t have to get out and walk! That’s why this is the most comfortable private service!

Offering a service for patients requires us to give them all the necessary features for them to be comfortable and happy with us. When you book a ride, just tell us if you have special needs (if you’re on crutches or wheelchair) or what you’d like to get, and we will definitely provide it. Contact YTS Transport and book your ride!


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