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Need a ride? Your alternative for CBX car rental is here
Posted by:acerLogitech, February - 27 - 2019

Are you traveling to San Diego from Tijuana? If you plan to use the CBX bridge but you need a ride once you get there, let us give you a good alternative for CBX car rental.

The relatively new Cross Border Express in Tijuana has gained a lot of attention since its inauguration. The reason is because travelers who use it don’t have to move from the airport to the border and wait to get to the US. The cross border terminal consists of a bridge inside Tijuana’s airport, which can be used only by flight passengers with the appropriate documents to connect them directly to San Diego. It’s definitely an easier way to get to your destiny.

Once in San Diego, you have to look for a car rental or a way to move to the desired places. This is where we recommend you the services of YTS Transport, a company that can pick you up in San Diego (or Tijuana) to offer the most comfortable transportation service in the area.

Contact their private drivers
YTS Transport offers a transportation service with everything you need. They work with reliable drivers who are bilingual, careful behind the wheel and an excellent company. They know the best routes to your destination, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The company certifies their people and make sure they have the necessary elements to be your chauffeurs for a day. So don’t worry: your safety and comfort is in good hands.


Don’t drive, take a break
If you rent a car, you won’t be able to relax. Instead, with YTS Transport you can even fall asleep while someone else is driving for you. Trusting their service won’t be hard for you, since the company has years of experience to back it up.

Also, if you discover the medical tourism in Tijuana, YTS can become your San Diego medical transport, and provide all the benefits we’ve been talking about when visiting the doctor in Mexico.

Get the vehicle you want
Their fleet is chosen by its features: comfort, capacity and design, among other things. They can be adapted to your needs, and the best thing is that you choose the car you want. The vehicles are updated, and if you have special requirements (if you are in a wheelchair, for example), YTS can meet them.

For these and other reasons, we think that YTS Transport is the best alternative for CBX car rental. Contact them to make a reservation and start enjoying your ride!


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