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YTS Transport is a Non Emergency Medical Transportation Company for Seniors and families that want to get across the Tijuana border fast and secure

We facilitate people from the U.S. to Mexico and vice versa; we can also recommend some great medical clinics so you can get the treatment you need

One of our main services here at YTS Transport is the Non Emergency Medical Transportation from San Diego to Tijuana, which as the name implies, it’s to move people overland from Mexico to the U.S. or vice versa, so they can go to the medical specialist they want, as long as there isn’t an emergency.

Whether you want it to go across the border to a routine visit with your doctor, continue treatment for a disease (such as diabetes or obesity), perform plastic surgery or go to a dental chekup, just to mention a few examples, we are here to serve you.

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Whether you’re going to a dentist appointment, closing a big business, or just planning to relax in a hotel near Baja, we can help you get there.

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Bilingual Drivers

The fact that the service name is “Non Emergency Medical Transportation”, does not mean that you don’t want or need to communicate with our driver on the way, and we are aware of that, an that’s the reason why all our drivers speak both English and Spanish, looking that language not be an impediment for you to make use of YTS Transport to cover your transportation needs.
New Cars, trucks, vans and suvs

Another very important point for us is to look after the physical safety of our clients, so even though we constantly review all of our vehicles are in perfect condition, we can also ensure that all our cars, trucks, vans and suvs are renewed constantly, trying to always have the newest models, because it means they’ll have a better performance that those with many years (and miles) of use.
No hassle Return to the U.S.

Regardless of the benefits that may exist by being medically assisted in another country, such as finding better prepared specialists or save a few dollars, one of the main reasons why many people give up on this idea is to avoid any complications that may be presented when returning home, a situation that with us is completely eliminated. Why? Because we give you a free border fast pass in order to cross back faster, so the time that you’ll need to invest with our Non Emergency Medical Ground Transportation, will be the minimum.

Relax and secure border transportation in Tijuana

Another great combination, isn’t it? Well, Baja has it.

Speaking of security, Baja California is a state that has security 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Whether it is the police of each city, of state itself or federal authority, there are always officers on the streets who are safeguarding the integrity of the people, so that insecurity is not a reason to decide not to cross the border.

Once you know you are well protected, is the time when you can start thinking about doing some relaxing activities, and Baja have several options to do so.

Theaters, beaches, parks, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, entertainment venues, a football soccer stadium, different kind of museums, natural attractions and more. Any kind of place to relax passing through your mind, you can find all over the state.

And after you use our Non Emergency Medical Transportation company, you can ask our driver to take you to one of these places to relax.

Great quality and low cost shuttle transportation across the usa

medical doctors in tijuana

Whatever the medical services you may require, in Baja California you will find the combination that everyone is looking for: high quality at a low cost.

Doctors in México are worldwide recognized as one of the best in several specialties, but if that does not convince you, just knowing that their prices are much more affordable compared to those found in other places (such as for example, in the U.S.), sure will.

Same quality at a lower price? We know it seems incredible, but it’s true and it’s just a couple of miles away. After going to the doctor to Baja California, you will be 100% satisfied both by the medical results, as well as by how little you have to pay for the service, comparing to what would have had to invest elsewhere.

Changing the way you Travel. Contact us today so you can actually enjoy the view while we drive you to your destination.

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