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Great presence of assembly plants in the region

Baja California, especially Tijuana, is a place that currently has a large number of assembly plants (over 500), also known in Spanish as “maquiladoras”, whose presence dates back quite some decades, and every year there are more entrepreneurs who choose to settle in this city.

Because of this, the government has aimed Tijuana specific areas of the city to the concentration of these maquiladoras. These areas have been chosen strategically, always thinking entrepreneurs have the best possible location to facilitate the optimization of their maquiladora operations. Just to mention one example, the place of Tijuana where are concentrated most of these maquiladoras is known as the “Ciudad Industrial” (Industrial City), and is located just minutes from the border, which is certainly an advantage, because thanks to that the transfer of any goods between Mexico and the United States benefits enormously.

Although many of the businesses in the region are maquiladoras, there are also other type of companies, such as automobile assembly plants, franchises from globally recognized brands as well as film productions (Baja California has served as stage to film big movies like Pearl Harbor, Titanic and Fast & Furious, just to mention a few of the dozens of films).

Assisting you in your international travels with Private, Corporate or Business Ground Transportation to do business in Baja California.

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