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San Diego to Tijuana Airport: know the best way to get there
Posted by:acerLogitech, February - 15 - 2019

Did you book a flight from Mexico or are you picking somebody up at the airport? There are many options to get from San Diego to Tijuana airport, but if you’re looking for the best way to get there, you’re at the right place.

Moving from San Diego to Tijuana and back is not as hard as it seems. Nevertheless, when traveling, you need to take in mind that you can’t allow setbacks to happen, or otherwise you’ll miss your flight.

Since you are crossing the border, you need to analyze the options that will fit you better, so here are a few ways to get to Tijuana’s airport from San Diego:

01. Taking a cab
A taxi is one of the obvious options that come to mind when needing a ride. Now, since you are crossing the border, you will have to take one taxi from your home to the border, use the pedestrian entry to Mexico, present your papers at the Mexican Customs (if requested), and then take another cab from the border to the airport.

When you cross to Mexico, you will realize there is more than one type of taxi, and the difference relies on the kind of service you want. Remember that the fares can change depending on the traffic and distance; we recommend you to ask the fare before getting in the car and to ask for the fastest and/or shortest route to get there, if possible.

02. Requesting a ride through an app
depending-on-the-demand-and-the-trafficBy now, you may be aware of the ride apps that exist in the US. Uber, Lyft and others are the options when you want to arrive somewhere but don’t want to take public transportation. Since you want to get to Mexico, the same thing as with a taxi will happen at the border: you’d have to finish the trip, use the pedestrian crossing to Mexico, and then request another ride to the airport.

Another thing to consider is that these apps may increase fares without prior notice, depending on the demand and the traffic, and you’ll know that only after opening the app. We recommend you to request the trip with anticipation in order to avoid the higher rates, or to have enough money in your bank account in case this happens to you.

03. Choose YTS Transport
YTS Transport is a transportation company that offers corporate and private drivers in the San Diego-Tijuana area. When booking a ride with them, crossing the border is no problem, since their units and drivers are allowed to take you to the other side without getting out of the car or any other inconvenient.

Something to consider about YTS Transport is that their drivers are bilingual, their vehicles are comfortable, and their security is excellent. When you request their service, getting in time to your destiny is guaranteed, as well as providing the best attention.

Now that you know the options to get from San Diego to Tijuana Airport, we advise you to choose the best way to get there: YTS Transport.