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Tijuana border crossing time: how to spend it productively
Posted by:acerLogitech, April - 11 - 2019

Tijuana border crossing time varies depending on many aspects: the day of the week, the hour and even the date. Going to Tijuana from California isn’t that problematic, although you may find traffic during the rush hour. People who cross everyday already know when it’s going to be crowded and when isn’t. If you don’t go to Tijuana and come back on a regular basis, there are many websites that tell you the crossing times.

Even when you’re prepared to cross the border, there are a few aspects that make it somehow uncomfortable. We would like to give you some advice on how to spend your time while you cross the border.

aerial-traffic-border-tijuana-mexico-interstatePrivate transportation
Driving to cross the border is a good option, but it also depends on the type of visit your making, whether to Tijuana or San Diego. If you book a ride with a private transport company, such as YTS Transport, you’ll appreciate the relief of not stressing out over arriving on time or over the traffic.

The following are our advice to take advantage of your time depending if you travel for business, tourism or medical treatment.

If you’re crossing the border for business, the best thing you can do is hiring a private transportation company. It is the professional option and the most convenient one. You don’t have to be stressed for getting to your business meeting on time. YTS private drivers will make sure to be there at the appointed time while keeping you safe.

While you wait to arrive to your destination you can stay calm, attend phone calls, read papers, prepare your presentation or do whatever makes you feel good before doing international business.

To enjoy the places you are visiting in Baja or San Diego, the best option is not to drive, but booking a ride with a company that can provide comfortable units and recommend you the must see places, like YTS Transport does.

If you contact this transportation company, you’ll be able to rest before the trip, read a book, be on your phone, or even choose the places you want to visit or the stops you want to add.

The medical tourism options in Tijuana are many. Whether you’re going to a routine checkup, with a specialist or to get treatment, we recommend you not to drive but to travel with YTS Transport, the San Diego medical transport that you need.

If you do so, the company will meet your needs in case you have special requirements, and before or after the treatment you can rest, avoid fatigue and even sleep.

Tijuana border crossing time will feel way shorter if you ride with YTS Transport, the cross-border company that will take you places.


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