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Visiting San Diego: Cross Border Xpress car rental options
Posted by:carlosyts, August - 01 - 2019

Some years ago, crossing the border was not that easy. Nowadays, if you fly to Tijuana and need to be in San Diego right away, you can do it. How? Simply by crossing a bridge. Perhaps you’ve heard of it before; so, if you’re searching for Cross Border Xpress car rental options, let us help.

Cross Border Xpress: What’s that?


Around four years ago, the joint border of Tijuana and San Diego came together to work towards a great solution: a faster and better way to cross from Mexico to the US. That’s how the Cross Border Xpress (CBX) was built. It consists of a bridge that connects both cities, from Tijuana’s Airport to a terminal in San Diego.

If you arrive to Tijuana, don’t get out of the airport! The CBX saves you from traveling across the city to get to the border. The best thing is that it works both ways: from the airport in Tijuana to the terminal in San Diego and vice versa.

Car rental options

Whether you arrive to Tijuana or San Diego, after using the CBX you will need one thing: a means of transportation. This is the moment when you can stop to decide what you need. A regular car with A/C and space for your bags or a wide SUV with near-floor access? Sure, car rentals will try to meet these needs and more.

Nonetheless, renting a car requires you to drive it. What if we told you there is a better choice and that you don’t have to drive? Imagine this: after a flight you are tired and want to rest, so you get to the border and get in a car that will drive you where you need to go. This is possible by riding with YTS Transport.

YTS and car rentals

Car rentals aren’t bad; they’re actually a great service, but it depends on the type of trip you want to have. With YTS Transport you don’t need to worry about anything, since there will be a private driver waiting for you at the appointed place and time.

YTS Transport’s fleet has all the features and is equipped with everything you need. They won’t try to meet your expectations: they definitely will. It doesn’t matter if you come to Tijuana or San Diego for business, medical treatment or vacations, the experience will be pleasant.

In a nutshell: if you’ll be using the Cross Border Xpress bridge and aim for privacy, comfort, and great service, YTS Transport is the best choice for you. Contact us and book your ride!


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