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What to do in Ensenada? A family weekend getaway plan
Posted by:acerLogitech, April - 23 - 2019

So you heard Baja has the greatest tourist places and decided to make a trip to verify it? First of all, let us say that you won’t regret it. Baja is one of the most appreciated places in Mexico to go on vacations. Second of all, there are many locations that you can visit, but if you plan on staying a day or a weekend, you just can’t cover all of them.

Therefore, our recommendation is always Ensenada. This city is on the coast; it has a wonderful beach, great restaurants and natural wonders of international recognition. It’s perfect to discover with your family, friends or family. Don’t worry; if you don’t know what to do in Ensenada, we will be glad to help. We prepared a weekend getaway plan that you can enjoy with your family. So here are some of the places you and your family will enjoy and look forward to visit them again.

What to do?
These are just some of the places to enjoy with your family on a weekend in Ensenada, Baja California:

  • Make a quick stop at El Mirador
    Once in Mexico and on your way to Ensenada, we recommend you to make a quick stop to stretch your legs and walk a little just before arriving to the city. El Mirador is a point with a panoramic view of Ensenada’s bay and Isla Todos Santos. You can even have a picnic there and take a few pictures of you with the beautiful sea as background.
  • Taste fresh food at Mercado Negro
    Just as you arrive to Ensenada, you can grab a bite at the “Black Market”, where you can have fresh fish tacos, juicy shrimp ceviche tostadas and tasty cocktails.
  • picnic-at-baja-wineries-valle-de-guadalupeTake a walk at Parque de la Bandera
    From el Mercado Negro, you can walk to a Parque de la Bandera (Flag’s Park), an open space with an ocean view that has a pole with a hoisted Mexican flag. You can have artisanal ice cream made with fresh fruit.
  • Enjoy an interactive show at Ventana al Mar
    Right at the park there’s an interactive fountain “Window to the sea”. If you’re there at night, you can enjoy the incredible show of water and colored lights that move at the rhythm of music.
  • Surprise yourself and your family at La Bufadora
    Visit one of the natural wonders of Ensenada going to La Bufadora. It’s a natural geyser that can surprise you and your family as it raises water like a smooth explosion.
  • Get to know the vineyards at Valle de Guadalupe
    Even though wine is for adults, Valle de Guadalupe is a great place to visit with your family. You can taste one of the world’s greatest wines while walking around the vineyards, learning how they turn grapes into wine.

These are just some of the things you can do in Ensenada on a family trip. If you really want to enjoy these places, book a ride with YTS Transport! They have the best private car service and know their way around Ensenada.


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