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Where to find a car rental: Tijuana airport and its options
Posted by:acerLogitech, February - 24 - 2019

Are you staying in Tijuana? If so, you need to find a comfortable way to move from one place to another. When you look for a car rental, Tijuana airport has some options nearby, but you will have to analyze which one is the best for you. Let us help you with it.

Tijuana is a city without a trolley or metro system, so the public transportation options are taxis and buses. Nevertheless, when you are visiting for a short time, these are not the best ways to travel. Streets and highways may be ok, but the transportation times are way longer than driving in a car, so looking for a car rental is a good option; unless, of course, you compare it with YTS Transport, which is the best airport shuttle alternative.

Car rental disadvantages
Renting a car is not a bad option, but there are a few disadvantages. If you are looking for choices near the airport, it is because you are arriving to Tijuana by plane. After a flight (which takes usually more than 2 hours) you may be tired, so it is not the best option to drive as soon as you land.

Also, keep in mind that, if you decide to drive, you will have to find your way towards your destination. This means that you will have to familiarize with the city or to know exactly where you are going, otherwise you may get lost (with or without the help of a GPS).

You may have different needs, depending on the reason why you are arriving to Tijuana. That is why we think that a better option for a car rental is YTS Transport.

private-drivers-pick-you-up-anywhere,-take-you-to-your-destination-in-tijuanaAdvantages of YTS Transport
YTS Transport offers transportation for individuals or companies. Just like renting a car, you get to ride the vehicle of your choice, but someone else will be driving for you. Private drivers pick you up anywhere, take you to your destination in Tijuana (or San Diego) and then back to your departing point or the place you decide.

Among the type of services the private transport company provides are:

  1. Medical: If the reason you are traveling to Tijuana is medical tourism, YTS Transport has the solution for you. Its non-emergency medical transportation service makes you feel comfortable and adjusts to any need you may have. Private drivers will take you to your doctor’s appointment or surgery, and then back to your hotel or the place you are staying to rest.
  2. Corporate & Tourist: Traveling for business and tourism is exciting but also tiresome. If that is why you are visiting Tijuana, you deserve to have a safe and comfortable way to get to your destination. YTS Transport drivers are bilingual and provide a service that will meet your expectations.

Now that you know YTS Transport is a better option for transportation, don’t settle for anything else. Book your reservation!


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