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YTS Transport: Hospital transportation services in Tijuana
Posted by:carlosyts, August - 19 - 2019

Tijuana is well known for a lot of things: its delicious restaurants and tasty street food, its unique craft beer, tourist attractions, and industry, just to mention a few. But one of the growing interests of Tijuana is not related to fun or leisure, business or enjoyment; it’s the outstanding medical attention it provides.

If you want to start receiving attention in the city, but don’t know about the quality, technology, specialties or even the hospital transportation services in Tijuana, let’s talk about it.

Medical quality

For many years, medical tourism in Tijuana has been gaining interest from all over the globe. The quality of private clinics and hospitals has increased; there are many specialties and specialized surgeries practiced here; and the cost of a checkup or a treatment is way lower than in other first world countries.

Tijuana has even attracted investment because of the medical excellence, since —if you have good medical care— you can have a good quality of life; therefore, living there is worth it.

Transportation for you

Even if you hadn’t heard about it, Tijuana can also offer transportation for your visits to the clinic, hospital or doctor’s office. YTS Transport is a private company that drives users to their destiny in Tijuana or San Diego. They can even cross the border in between while you’re in the vehicle.

One of its features is the non-emergency medical transportation to get you to your specialist appointment, treatment or surgery. They offer an excellent service that you can trust; all drivers are certified and will speak your language; all units are new and checked before driving; your special needs will be met to provide the best possible comfort.

Deal with hospitals


There are some hospitals that have made an agreement with YTS Transport to offer transportation for their patients; this is because they know we offer an excellent service and they will do what’s in their hands to make theirs patients feel safe and for them to be ok.

If you decide to stay home or to stay at a hotel in Tijuana, YTS Transport’s careful drivers will take you there and make sure you arrive safely. Book your ride and get the hospital transportation services you deserve!


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